Our Vision

Our purpose

We uses the teachings of the Bible as the basis of education to inspire children’s potential, create a diverse and creative learning environment for children, and work with parents to cultivate children’s self-learning and responsible spirit.

Our Vision

Christian Alliance Chen Lee Wing Tsing Memorial Kindergarten is a non-profit making kindergarten. Also, in a Christian context, an all-rounded education encourages and enhances the development and growth of the children morall, academically, physically, socially, aesthetically and spiritually.


We provide all-rounded education in a pleasant and harmonious learning environment filled with Christ’s love; we also nurture and advocate children to learn from play and to explore the world freely and creatively.


We believe children shall learn in a pleasantly and harmoniously way through play, as to develop their potential morally and all-roundly. Meanwhile, we take care of the diversity of children and develop a caring culture in the kindergarten.


We learn form real-life experiences and are children-centered; we value the true experiences of children’s learning progress through connecting with diverse parties in our community