Curriculum Objectives

Provide children with high quality and integrated pre-primary education, and implement a child-centred, play-based curriculum designed to help children gain first-hand knowledge through observation, exploration, thinking, self-learning and problem-solving, hence laying the foundation of life-long learning.

Curriculum Design

  • Tailor a learning environment and learning experiences that meet children’s mental and physical needs in their development.
  • Create a pleasant, open-minded, diversified learning environment which puts children at the centre of their learning; encourage them to be active in learning and lay the foundation of life-long learning.
  • Cultivate children’s interests in learning, inspire children to think, help them construct knowledge, instill in children positive values and develop their self-care abilities.Encourage active participation and presentation.
  • Curriculum system (Planning)

The curriculum is designed by the curriculum development group based on the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017)” as well as the features and development of our school. A “School-Based Curriculum Guide”, “Teaching Plan Guide” and “Learning Portfolio Assessment Guide” are also created accordingly.