Curriculum Objectives

Provide children with high quality and integrated pre-primary education, and implement a child-centred, play-based curriculum designed to help children gain first-hand knowledge through observation, exploration, thinking, self-learning and problem-solving, hence laying the foundation of life-long learning.

Curriculum Design

  • “Holistic Innovative Approach”

    Through “high participation & multi-demonstration” to express their own ideas which helps children are nurtured to be an active communicators and learners, higher-ordered thinking and have other seven abilities.

  • Teaching Approach

    Our Curriculum focus on “learn through play” and absorb knowledge through multiple senses. Use of Integrated Themes, Project Approach, Free play, Creative game and Picture Books, alongside cooperation and small group learning, outdoor observation and visit, providing holistic development for the children and inspire children’s own characteristics and potentials.

  • Language Development

    Through activities such as stories, drama plays, songs and games, children’s language abilities are enhanced. Through reading activities, teachers use the skills of “prediction, first read, second read and third read” to extend the activities and lead the children to explore the language fun. Moreover, through daily English oral practice, children may comprehend and speak from time to time.

  • Life Education

    The course includes concepts of “Respect and love parents, care for others and regulate own emotions”, providing an opportunity for children to develop their sympathy and empathy, nurturing their spirit and moral development.

The curriculum is designed by the curriculum development group based on the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017)” as well as the features and development of our school. A “School-Based Curriculum Guide”, “Teaching Plan Guide” and “Learning Portfolio Assessment Guide” are also created accordingly.

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